Have you been forced to be on duty over 10, 11 or 12? If so we need to know why.
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Every day Canadian train crews are being put into situations where they are compelled to report to work tired.
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It is OUR WORK! 

Source: TCRC Trainman East

It's OUR WORK! Let's keep it that way!

There is no way to fight back without documented cases of managers doing our work. We need to know the details if we want to counter practice. Please fill out the below form each and every time you witness a manager doing our bargaining unit's work.

Date of occurrence:
What time did the managers do our work?
What Train/Job were they working?
Names of the managers doing our work?
Were the managers working with TCRC members, alone or as a utility person?
Any other information you can provide is useful.
e.g. Work completed by the manager, Manager doing utility, Engine numbers, Industry or yard worked, Subdivision or anything else you feel is relevant.
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