Sisters and Brothers,

As you are all well aware, the open period of our contract is upon us.
Updates will be posted on this page as they become available.

  • Bulletin 16 - December 8th 2015  
    ttached is the award we received today from Hon George W, Adams Q.C. with respect to the mediation/arbitration process that was conducted in Toronto on October 5 -9 2015. We have also enclosed a list of agreed upon items that were finalized throughout the process.
  • Bulletin 15 - October 14th 2015 
    The mediation/arbitration process from October 5 to 9, 2015 in Toronto has now concluded. Mr. Adams has indicated to the parties the final hearing date that had been previously scheduled for October 16, 2015 will not be necessary. He has all of the written submissions from the parties and he has a full understanding of the arguments and about the issues. He has indicated that he does not require the final date and has sufficient information to complete and issue his final and binding decision.
  • Bulletin 14 - June 1st 2015 
    Mr. Adams has been in contact with the parties and requested a meeting on May 15, 2015 in Toronto to discuss the position of the parties and the issues that will continue within the mediation/arbitration process.
  • Bulletin 13 - April 21st 2015 
    We have received numerous requests for information regarding the appointment of the arbitrator in our mediation/arbitration process following our strike in February. Unfortunately, we have been unable to agree with an arbitrator and, as such, the Minister shall appoint one of her choice.
  • Bulletin 12 - February 15th 2015 
    We would like to thank the entire membership for their support during the strike.
  • Return to Work Agreement at CP  
    The Company and the Union have set rules to re-establish an orderly return to work.
  • An End to the Strike 
    “We took this strike action to improve the quality of life and the working conditions for our membership,” points out Doug Finnson.
  • Bulletin 11 - February 15th 2015 
    As you are all aware, in spite of our best efforts were unsuccessful in reaching a negotiated settlement with CP Rail. As a result, we are now exercising our legal right to strike as per the Canada Labour Code effective 0001 February 15, 2015.
  • P Strike Protocol
    This letter is with reference to the approaching legal strike/lockout deadline, which is currently 0001 EST Sunday, February 15, 2015.
  • The Teamsters are here to bargain
    "The Teamsters are here to bargain" explains TCRC President Douglas Finnson. Despite this being the last day prior to possible job action, we are scheduled to bargain today. "There is no reason why we cannot negotiate an agreement" says Finnson.
  • Strike Information to Members 
    This information is being provided in the event further negotiations and/or mediation fail to bring a satisfactory settlement of the dispute between the TCRC and CP Rail.
  • Bulletin 10 - February 10th 2015 
    During our session today, the bargaining committee exercised our rights and issued notice of strike to be effective 0001 (EST) February 15, 2015. Attached is our correspondence to the Company and the Minister regarding the notice.
  • Membership Authorize Strike Action
    TCRC President Douglas Finnson is particularly proud of the TCRC membership and the tremendous show of solidarity and support for the bargaining committee. "The bargaining committee is strengthened by the determination of the membership to fight for their rights to maintain a safe working environment, and to obtain acceptable improvements in their working lives."
  • Bulletin 9 - February 6th 2015
    Please be advised that we have counted the ballots returned in our request for a strike mandate. Your negotiating committee thanks every member who voted in this matter and for the tremendous response and support from the ballots sent out this past month. There were 3624 ballots sent out to the membership. The ballots were counted in Calgary, February 6th, with 93% voting in favour of strike action.
  • NOTICE: Manager Training
    We have been hearing from many of you that CP Rail has begun to train their managers again in spite of the Canada Industrial Relations Board order 748-NB. Specifically they are telling Locomotive Engineers that they are to vacate their seat but remain on the lead engine while a manager trains another manager to perform our work. Some of our members have also been told that if they don’t relinquish control of the train to the managers it would be considered insubordination and an investigation and discipline would follow.
  • Bulletin 8 - January 26th 2015
    The Company has not agreed to anything we have proposed. The Company continues to insist on concessions and the decimation of our rest and other Collective Agreement provisions. Our bargaining committee is not willing to accept these concessions in order to achieve provisions that allow us to adopt a system in our workplace that allows us to work properly rested and in accordance with proper sleep science principles.
  • Bulletin 7 - January 12th 2015
    In an industry plagued with fatigue, the Company’s demands will not only increase the workload on our membership and ultimately their fatigue but it will have a detrimental effect on their families.
  • Bulletin 6 - December 30th 2014
    Despite the assistance of the Conciliation Officers we haven’t made much progress in the talks. The next meeting is devoted to fatigue management. We continue to be committed to negotiating an agreement and have scheduled to meet the Company for 4 days January 6 - 9, 2015 in Montreal and again January 20 - 24 in Calgary.
  • Bulletin 5 - December 5th 2014
    The Union is required to poll the membership before any strike action can take place and we anticipate a strike vote will likely take place within the next month. Prior to any sort of legal strike action or lockout, the party taking the action is required to provide a 72 hour notice on the other party.
  • Negotiations with CP at a standstill
    “The negotiations have stalled because we think the employer isn’t committed,” explains Doug Finnson, chief negotiator for the TCRC. “They want significant concessions, a dramatic increase in working hours out of each employee, provide less rest hours, and within an industry plagued by fatigue already.”
  • Bulletin 4 - November 19th 2014
    Despite our best efforts, we have been unable to persuade CP to address any of your concerns unless we agree to the Company’s concessionary demands. Therefore, we have no choice but to request assistance from FMCS. This is to inform you that we have served notice of dispute to the Minister of Labour today with respect to our current round of collective bargaining with CP.
  • Bulletin 3 - November 10th 2014
    To date, the bargaining sessions with the Company have focused on explaining ours and the Company’s demands. Unfortunately our efforts to accurately inform our members thru bulletins are being utilized by the Company at the CIRB therefore you must understand that these bulletins will be brief and generic.
  • Bulletin 2 - October 24th 2014
    Your TCRC Negotiating Committee met with CP for four days from October 21 to 24, 2014 in Montreal. This represented our first full session with the Company bargaining team.
  • Bulletin 1 - September 15th 2014
  • TCRC Response to Canadian Pacific's letter dated September 14th 2014
  • CP's letter Re: commencement of collective bargaining September 14th 2014
  • Canadian Pacific's Proposal September 13th 2014
  • TCRC Contract Proposal September 13th 2014