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TCRC Responds to Deciccio Letter
Source: TCRC General Committee of Adjustment - CP
Published: March 1st 2013
PDF Version

Mr. Guido Deciccio, VP Operations
Canadian Pacific Railway
401 - 9th Avenue SW, Sixth Floor
Calgary, AB T2P 4Z4

Dear Sir,

This is in regards to your letter of February 27, 2013 as it pertains to your plan to use suspensions as part of your discipline policy.

It is noteworthy your letter lacks sufficient detail for us to respond in a comprehensive manner. You have provided few facts or details of what you are proposing and actually defer the critical details to a Director of Labour Relations.

Your reliance on a few recent statistics to justify your decision has cause for concern as it provides us with no context for us to recognize any sort of immediate safety urgency nor do you indicate any trends in respect to your brief statistical comments. Without knowing what safety statistics and information is being relied upon, we remind you that you have a responsibility to act through the Health and Safety Policy Committee, an obligation you seemed to have overlooked.

Your letter seems to indicate productivity being intertwined with safety, and you have used words such as “carelessness” and “complacency”, and you are making these accusations against all Unionized employees from what we understand. It is our understanding that all Unions have received the same letter, containing the same accusations, and lacking relevant detail to the issue of safety.

You also intertwine injury trends with accidents in your assessment that demerits are an unsuccessful form of discipline. Yet you have not provided any sort of information about injuries, nor have you indicated what you possibly mean in this regard.

Consequently, on its face it looks like you have simply raised a new level of discipline to punish employees under the philosophy that punishment trumps Safety Education, Safety training, Accident Prevention, and creating a progressive Safety Culture with a positive attitude towards a Safe Work Place.

Given the circumstances and the lack of sufficient information, we have significant concerns that your actions may not be grounded in safety and are a continuation of the dictatorial and abusive nature of management that has recently surfaced.

Respecting safety, if we can use that phrase at this Company, it is simply unacceptable that you have been unwilling to improve the line up information for our members, your employees, and that you are simply unwilling or unable to stop the over hours violations of the Collective Agreement for employees who book rest enroute. These are just two of the important safety and health related issues that you have chosen to ignore and that you purposefully continue to pretend are not important issues. Your selection of safety as the underlying reason to increase punishment to employees lacks the credibility that your position requires, you simply don’t walk the walk any more.

Hopefully, a Director of Labour Relations will have the time to fully explain your plan. It is certainly indicative of the present management style to send an incomplete letter and promise that someone else will take the time to explain what it means. We have had a brief conversation with the Director of Labour Relations but at this time we still lack any detailed information regarding your plans and have received nothing in writing which we may refer to for guidance.

We cannot overstate our disagreement with the conclusions and inferences in your letter that any alleged change in our safety performance are purely and solely the fault of our Membership is both misguided and insulting.

In closing, we strongly urge you to cancel these planned, unilateral changes in policy. Alternatively, please be informed that we are reviewing all options available to us under Statute, Legislation, Regulation, Collective Agreement or otherwise in order to oppose the changes described in your letter.

Yours Truly,

Dave Able
General Chairman, LE West
  Dave Olson
General Chairman, CTY West
Benoit Brunet
General Chairman, LE East
  Bruce Hiller
General Chairman, CTY East
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