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Every day Canadian train crews are being put into situations where they are compelled to report to work tired.
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Complaint - Against CP Rail 

Source: Rex Beatty - President
Published: January 24th 2014

Complaint - Against CP Rail - Union Leave & Annual Vacation

Brothers and Sisters,

Please find attached a complaint I filed today (through Legal Counsel) to the CIRB, this in regards to CP Rail interfering with the administration of the Union.

In brief, CP Rail is interfering with Union leave and, in addition, annual vacation of Local Chairs.

As a result of this determination I have directed Legal Counsel to file a complaint to the Board and, in addition, a request for an interim cease and desist order until such complaint has been addressed by the Board (all of which is over my signature and sworn affidavit).

Notwithstanding any grievance that might be filed vis-Ó-vis the Collective Agreement at CP my Office is of the view that this is a significant matter that requires immediate National Union action.

I provide this to all for your ready information and request (for those representing affected TCRC Officers at CP) that you circulate the complaint so that our Members are aware of the immediate action taken.

Fraternally yours,

Rex Beatty,
President - TCRC